Infinity by Marvin Five Point Proof

1. TOTAL PERFORMANCE Home comfort — no leakage, no drafts, top thermal performance

  • Design Pressure (DP) 30 means Infinity windows will handle the pressure of 132 MPH winds and are watertight when exposed to 8" of rain per hour driven by 42 MPH winds
  • Infinity windows meet ENERGY STAR guidelines and have a low .30 U-Value, which measures the amount of heat transfer through the window (lower is better)
  • Infinity windows with optional LoE -366 glass qualify for up to $1500 in Federal Energy Tax Credit in 2009 and 2010!

2. SUPERIOR MATERIALS Low maintenance, durable, will look good over time

  • Infinity windows are made entirely of Ultrex , a durable, pultruded fiberglass material.
  • Ultrex fiberglass is 8x stronger than vinyl and 3.5x stronger than wood/vinyl composites
  • Ultrex fiberglass is 8x stronger than vinyl and 3.5x stronger than wood/vinyl composites the window stable and weathertight. Vinyl expands at over 7x that rate.
  • Ultrex fiberglass is virtually maintenance-free and won’t rot, warp, or dent
  • Made with partially recycled materials, Ultrex fiberglass is environmentally friendly and requires 39% less energy to produce than vinyl

3. APPEARANCE AND DESIGN Attractive, easy to operate, easy to wash

  • A narrower window profile gives you more daylight and better views
  • Infinity windows are extremely easy to operate and clean from the interior of your home
  • Designed to replicate the details and beauty of traditional wood windows
  • Available with an EverWood interior which looks, feels, paints, and stains like wood yet is inorganic and completely low maintenance windows can be painted, if desired

4. RELIABILITY AND EXPERTISE Peace of mind, no-hassle experience

  • Installing retailers are hand-selected for their experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, making your project simple and hassel free
  • Infinity products are backed by Marvin Windows and Doors, an industry leader since the 1930s
  • Infinity products feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty

5. TOTAL VALUE Satisfaction of the best windows for the best price

  • Infinity from Marvin offers superior performance, materials, appearance, design, reliability and expertise
  • All these features at a competative price
Five Point Proof Sheet from Marvin Infinity Windows and Doors
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